“I’m not typecast” Claims Ice Cube at Premiere of New Movie ‘Angry Black Cop’

PicsArt_1394047965152 (1)Speaking from the red carpet of London’s Leicester Square before the first UK screening of his new film ‘Angry Black Cop’, Ice Cube was at pains to reassure reporters that he was, in fact, not typecast. “I really feel that this film is proof to all my doubters that I can play a wide range of roles in any kind of film, so long as it’s a mediocre comedy about law enforcement” said the in-demand actor, “I’m proud of my previous work in ‘Disgruntled African-American Policeman’ and ‘Damn Son! The Sergant’s Furious!’, but I feel like there’s just so much more depth to my character in this work, and hopefully it will lead to even more diverse parts in forthcoming ethnicity-based police capers.”

Ice Cube, pictured here on the set of 'Annoyed Urban Officer'

Ice Cube, pictured here on the set of ‘Annoyed Urban Officer’

“I mean, my role, Detective Inspector Badass, is a complex guy, and I really enjoyed inhabiting that range of emotions, running all the way from frustrated, through vexed and ending up at pissed off. It’s been my biggest challenge to date, but it’s been just so rewarding. It’s been especially great to work with other such talented and totally not typecast actors like Danny Dyer, who played Officer Cock O’Ney, and Michael Cera, whose character is an awkward hipster cajoled by his overbearing father into joining the force, which was a huge departure for him. Really, people watching this film aren’t gonna believe their eyes at the transformations we’ve all undergone.”

Cube, whose next film ‘Officer Grumpy II: The Grumbling’ is already in the works, also moved to dispel accusations that playing a never ending succession of Police Officers with a chip on their shoulder was an ironic position for the rapper who wrote the seminal ‘Fuck Tha Police’, saying; “What better way to fuck the police than to show their work to contain absolutely no humour at all?”


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