Daily Lamppost Nothing Like The Onion

PicsArt_1394047965152 (1)An independent study has today confirmed that the Daily Lamppost is ‘nothing like’ the popular news satire site The Onion. The study was commissioned by The Lamppost in order to quash spurious and scurrilous claims of ‘blatant plagiarism’ from various online commenters, particularly Big_Boy1932, who can now officially get to fuck.

Mark Realpersonsname of the Not Made Up Foundation, a highly regarded think-tank that was tasked with investigating the supposed similarities between the styles of the two sites told TDL; “After conducting a thorough review of these allegations and performing a rigorous study to unearth any link between the two sites, I can categorically state that the claims are 100% false. I mean, The Onion’s funny for one.”

Suzanne Rawlinson, 32 from Barnsley, who posts comments on The Lamppost under the pseudonym ‘CatAIDS1972’ had this to say; “When I first heard about TDL being compared with The Onion, I honestly couldn’t believe it; they’re like chalk and cheese. The Onion is a spoof news website, and The Lamppost is an internet news spoof, they couldn’t be more different. If anything, The Lamppost is a rip-off of The Daily Mash, what with them having the idea to do the same sort of stuff as The Onion but in Britain first; but even that has loads of readers, is very clever and pays its writers a salary, none of which you could possibly say about TDL.”

The Onion, when approached for comment on the findings of this study replied “We have never heard of The Daily Plantpot, but we wish them the best of luck with whatever second-rate shit it is that they’re doing.”

As well as proving once and for all that TDL is DEFINITELY NOT a pale imitation of the far-superior American site, the NMUF’s study also came to the conclusion that Big_Boy1932’s mum is well ugly, but everyone’s had a go anyway because she’s also proper easy.


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